Federated Service Pro will work with you to provide the right security system to meet your business or institution’s needs. Our security systems combine cameras, monitors, recorders, and entry control systems for preventative measures that provide peace of mind.

Cameras and monitors utilize closed-circuit video equipment to provide obvious surveillance as a deterrent, or unobtrusive cameras for observing activities. Cameras can be monitored in real time, or combined with digital recording products for review of specific events or incidents.

Recorders feature multiple screen viewing and simultaneous recording for increased flexibility. Other aspects include alarm handling features, full matrix switching capabilities, multiple programming systems and full camera support.

To ensure we offer you the highest quality integrated security system, we are certified with the IP Institute, a trusted resource in the security industry for almost 37 years. This gives us the skills to better understand the specifics of IP based integrated security systems, including video, access control, storage and the ability to converge other network solutions such as card access, iSCSI storage devices, IP cameras and more.

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