Video conferencing is a great way to save commute time and travel expenses. The right video conferencing system can allow your business to share information between two locations or fifty. Federated Service Pro can create a network that connects you to the room next door, the vendor in the next city, the office across the country or the client across the world. Meetings, conferences, workshops and seminars can occur anytime, anyplace when you have the right technology in place. Federated Service Pro can tailor a cost effective video conferencing system that is unique to your business.

Conferencing systems work well for:
  • » Distance Learning Institutions
  • » Government Facilities
  • » Board Rooms / Conference Rooms

Federated Service Pro provides the following components to create an effective conferencing solution for your business:
  • » Institutions
  • » Data / Video Projection Systems
  • » Touch Panel Control Systems
  • » Sound Reinforcement Systems
  • » Data Collaboration

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